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Metal Roof Installation

The roofing system on your house is one of the largest contributors to the safety and security of your space. Now more than ever, the options for roofing systems are endless. You are able to choose from a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and more! Our Huntersville roofing contractors offer excellent service for all roofing materials, including metal roofing! Metal roofing is increasingly the choice for homeowners who want durability and style. Compared to roofing shingles, a metal roof withstands longer to harsh weather and holds its value. Contact our metal roofing installers today for the most innovative and high-performance roofing system available. Metal Roofing Huntersville NC

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Why Choose Metal Roofing in Huntersville NC

Most people aren’t very familiar with metal roofing systems, so therefore they don’t think they are a good option. Our roofing contractors in Lake Norman and surrounding areas have provided a list to show you some of the benefits a metal roofing system will provide your home.

Durability: Most people are used to roofing shingles, softer material and multiple shingles stacked on top of one another causing multiple seams. When it comes to metal roofing, you are dealing with a harder material and fewer roofing panels with minimal seams. This helps your roofing system become resistant to harsh weather patterns, rot, and insect damages. Our metal roofing contractors only use the highest grade of materials ensuring your roof will last for years and be rust free.

Large Selection of Options: Metal roofing systems provide you with an array of color, texture, and style options. Choose from large panels, flat plantation tiles, or raised metal shingles to give your home a unique design. Most roofing systems tend to be in the black or brown family, so branch out! Choose from beautiful blues, greens, grays, and more!

Low Maintenance & Eco-Friendly: Easily maintain your roofs structural integrity and style with a metal roofing system. With a metal roof you won’t have to worry about chips, fading, cracking, curling, or loosing individual shingles. Metal roof installation will also help you contribute to being eco-friendly! Metal roofs are known as “cool roofs” since they reflect a lot of the sun’s energy, helping balance the temperature of the inside of your home. Steel metal roofs are also recyclable when it comes to replacing your roofing system!

Experienced Metal Roofing Contractors

For years, we have provided expert roofing services in Huntersville, NC & the surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for roof installation, roof repair service, or roof replacement contractors, we are here to help! We ensure that all of our roofing contractors are licensed, insured, and receive our top-notch training protocols so that you can rely on our work for years to come. If you are interested in a metal roofing system, or another material, call to receive a free quote today.

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